Chatting about chat

What do you like to chat about? For me there is nothing better than chatting on the sofa with family and friends. But, can you imagine hearing people chat about you as if you are not there? Or worse still, hearing people say nasty things about your family as if you are not there or part of them. Using a voice usually reserved for babies and toddlers, occasionally when I meet new people or some professionals working with disabled children, I am treated to a charade of high pitched, sing-song toddler talk. Combined with a volley of over-used rhetorical questions, with an answer neither expected or waited for, the result is an auditory over-load.

Why do people talk to us like this? Often it reflects their own insecurities and in the case of professionals the pervading culture with special children.  Silence seems to scare people; silence in conversation is its life-breath.

Wonderfully I am blessed by people around me who interact with me like a ten-year-old, looking at me when they talk and giving me time to respond.  Thinking of my next witty remark and making people laugh is so invigorating.  

Any interaction is better than none, so please chat to people like me!



12 thoughts on “Chatting about chat

  1. Hi Jonathan, i came across your blog by accident and im so glad i have found it. Your are an inspiration Jonathan and you have encouraged me. I totally agree with what you are saying. I am a mum of a special needs adult who can talk but a bit limited sometimes. People do shy away from my son sometimes as his speech can be a bit difficult to understand,but if people take there time to listen they are richly rewarded by a lad who is caring and intelligent and has so much to offer this hurried,noisy,busy world. He also has the most profound faith in a very loving Father and he has taught me so much.Thank you Jonathan keep blogging!!

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  2. That’s beautiful! That’s one thing we all seem to share with you, Jonathan. Love of God ❤️and His Son. ✝️
    I have always thought that the most powerful communication is prayer and all of us can do that. Secondly that as believers, we have a serious responsibility to pray for souls who do not know, hope in, love and adore Him.


  3. Jonathan i just wanted to say that you are an amazing kid! (Just like your mum!)
    Thank you for your beautiful poems! Your smile just made my day!:)
    Have a beautiful day!


  4. Hello Jonathan, You write so beautifully I thought that you were much older than 10. I hope my 9 year old daughter writes as well as you when she is 10 but I doubt it! I live in France and sometimes I get frustrated by French people talking to me as if I’m stupid because I can’t express myself as well as they can in their language…so I kind of know what you are talking about in your blog! My daughter and I are reading Coral Island together. Have you read it? I think you might like it! Bonne nuit from France!


  5. Happy Birthday Jonathan. It was good to meet you a couple of weeks ago when your parents had all those vicars round for dinner. Sorry that my conversation skills with you need a bit of work!


  6. I read your article in The Guardian magazine today. You are a remarkable writer and I am so glad you had that article published or I would not have discovered your wonderful blog. I also think your description of prayer in the comments above is one of the best I’ve come across. God bless you and your lovely family. I think He has plans for you.


  7. Hi Jonathan,

    Like others, I’ve come here because I read your “experience” column in the guardian today. I cannot believe you are only ten! You write so eloquently and I hope that your career once you’ve left school involves using your talent with words! Best of luck!


  8. This blog has filled me with so much inspiration and awe. And you are only 10! Your writing is so beautiful, I am so happy that you found your voice. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your story, it’s so encouraging that you are actively campaigning for change in education for special needs children. Good luck on your journey, please keep sharing your writing 🙂


  9. Dear Jonathan,

    You are inspirational. I shall be promoting your story so that others I know are given the opportunity to communicate as you do.


  10. Hey Jonathan! I came across your blog after a friend of mine linked to your Guardian article on FB, and now I’m reading through the entries. Just wanted to say hey, I can remember being 10 too, (I’m 38 now) and I remember wanting to have more freedom and responsibilities than my parents would allow me at the time! I know that the pace of technology will allow you to communicate faster and faster, and allow you to read faster and intake information faster too, I’m interested to see what you can do as you continue to catch up on the education you missed and employ emerging technologies!


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