The Summer Train

Quickly the summer passes like a long-awaited train puffing through the corn fields; enraptured in the moment we jump and clap with joy, happiness enveloping our souls. Making the most of each weeklong carriage is always challenging, but to help us we all write or draw our hopes for the summer holidays on a large piece of paper.

This summer I would like to:

Read and write poetry

Make a cake

Bake new things

Visit my grandparents and cousins

Meet my oldest friends

Help my best friend learn to read

Going on holiday with my sisters, parents and godfather will be the highlight.

Whatever your holiday involves I pray you are blessed.

The One Show

Excited to be appearing on The One Show tonight – BBC 1 7pm.  Here is a poem I was writing on the day that they came to film.


Teach Us Too Tanka


Motionless caged birds

dank winter everlasting

stop! When will this end?

life giving spring erupting

calling flocks hovering high


© Jonathan Bryan






Thank you

Overwhelmed by the beautiful comments I have received, I want to thank you for getting my message out – that children like me need to be taught to read and write.

Please continue to share my petition and make a difference to children still locked in and not being taught.


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