Marvellous Meeting!

jonathan-with-petitionYesterday I met with Edward Timpson, Minister for Vulnerable Children and Families, in his office in the Department for Education.  Accompanied by experts in the field, the discussion went well and will continue into the future with follow up meetings and research.

As a voice for the voiceless, it was a privilege and honour to discuss issues in education affecting children like me with such senior and influential people.  Until children labelled as having PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties) are taught literacy as a matter of course I will continue to campaign on this issue.


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Meeting the Minister

Ecstatic to report that tomorrow I will be meeting the Minister for Vulnerable Children and Families, Edward Timpson, at his office in London.

Thank you for your ongoing support, I will be presenting my petition with over 179,000 signatures to him tomorrow, and it will bring weight to my discussion. Please pray for an effective meeting.

Thank you

Our Lives

Appearing on the ‘Our Lives’ film for the Children’s Commissioner and First News, was a real privilege, as it seeks to show the lives of different children in 2016.  Hearing Max talk of his previous life in another country is humbling and makes me realise how fortunate we are living here.

Watch the film here:


My Confirmation

Last night was the best service of my life, when I publicly dedicated myself to Jesus Christ; and I was particularly honoured that so many friends and family could share my special service with me.  During the service my wonderful godfather read out the testimony I had written:

Living Life in all its Fullness

With Jesus as my saviour, companion and friend, I have lived my hours here with happiness in my spirit and content calm in my soul. Knowing He is with me; cradling me in pain, sheltering me from darkness and beckoning me forward, has given me the strength and serenity to look life in the eye and smile. Like the constancy of the second hand of a clock, Jesus inhabits the quaver beats of my life; and as that beat slows, I look forward with excited anticipation to the day I will see Jesus; and live together with Him in His garden forever. In the meantime, I cleave to Jesus: my faith and my life.

The Author of Life

Beauty breathing through my soul,

Cradling arms tending my frail frame,

Sheltering rock whilst life’s storms rage,

Dancing with quaver beats of joy,

Anticipating Love’s beckon,

Home in the garden forever.


©Jonathan Bryan