Risk and Opportunity

This was the summer of risk. Initially it was about the risk of getting pinged or told to self-isolate by Track and Trace, then it became about how risky each activity was in terms of potential exposure to COVID. But it was also a time of opportunity: a chance to meet many people in person who I haven’t seen for years; to fulfil a desire to visit the extraordinarily beautiful Cornish coast and to have a go at some new activities like paddle boarding and pistol shooting (though you’ll be glad to hear, not together!)

Summer memories are fast becoming a mirage as the new school year takes centre stage. Unfortunately, the constant need to re-assess risk remains, but I continue to live life in all its fullness within the limitations of what is sensible. Thankfully, all the online opportunities presented by the pandemic continue, so that on Tuesday, for example, I could be part of a presentation online at the Communication Matters conference at 11:15, attend my maths lesson in person in Malmesbury at 2:30 and speak to MA education students at Dundee University at 3:45.  Risk and opportunity, two unusual bedfellows that we live with going forward.

Stunning Cornwall