Rejoice for Jesus has Risen!

Easter changed everything.  Before Jesus rose from the grave; death had won its victory over mankind, hate had triumphed over love and, in expending himself for us on the cross, hope had been killed.

Easter changes everything.  In the light of Jesus’ resurrection, life is offered in all its fullness now and promised in its completion in love forever.  Hope lives on unfettered by the grave, death’s finality vanquished, love defined and fulfilled.  Jesus Christ is risen today. Alleluia!

[click below to listen to Ian McMillan reading my poem on Radio 2 on Easter day]

Jesus’ Beckon

Part 1 – Death Friday


Hounded, helpless, horror uphill,

Mocking jeers crescendo,

Death’s stench, dark in despairing dread,

Oppressing fear’s echo.


Piercing soulful eyes fixated,

Excruciating pain,

Hope hanging, subsiding, drowning,

Dignity dies, my shame.


Part 2 – Life Sunday


Night’s black breaking: light’s dawn dancing,

Hurry quickening feet,

Heady spices; heavy grieving,

Overwhelmed – crumpled heap.


Erupting anguish obscuring

Gardener’s playful delight,

Agony’s deep yearning, aching,

Recognition ignites!


Exploding joyful elation,

Spirit’s music exclaims,

Touching, soaring – soul suspended,

Jesus beckons my name!

© Jonathan Bryan