Stranger Kindness

My life was saved by a stranger.  What is more extraordinary is that I never met her.  Up until the age of four my life was dictated by dialysis, doctors and debilitating sickness.  My kidneys were starved of oxygen and blood at birth and, like my brain, never recovered leaving me with chronic renal failure.  Every day was a struggle with extreme tiredness, towels of sick and nightly dialysis. 

All that changed one snowy January morning with a phone call to my parents telling them a transplant match had been donated.  Overnight my sickness stopped as did my need for dialysis, and I felt properly well for the first time in my life.  Since my successful transplant I have been able to concentrate at home school and have even been to France for the day.

During this Organ Donation Week (5th-11th September 2016) please consider joining the organ donation register and having a conversation with your family about it.  My life was totally transformed by the generosity of this stranger and her family.  It will be my honour to donate my eyes when I die so that when I no longer need them my eyes can give new sight to someone else.