16 today!

Today I am four years older than the most optimistic expert thought I would live for. At 16 I enter a no-man’s-land: too old to be considered a child, too young to be considered an adult. A good place to sit and reflect.

When I look back I feel an immense gratitude to Jesus for being with me in the ebbs and flows of my life; guiding me, sustaining me and when life’s been tough, carrying me. It’s also a time to thank family and friends for sticking by me, admiring my great taste in shirts and agreeing my wit is exceptional!

After I have sat and enjoyed the icing on my cake, I will fix my face forward.  There is still plenty of journeying to do, but I know that when Jesus calls me home I will eagerly go and live in the garden forever.

New Year to Break Down Barriers

Happy New Year!

To begin this year I am bringing you two short but powerful videos made by friends who also use AAC to communicate.  Like me they both use wheelchairs and like me they are both nonverbal.  Using art and media they are breaking down the assumptions that people often hold. These clips, shown on Channel Four and the BBC respectively, bring the message of ability over disability to a wide audience. 

As we start the year I hope the clips bring as much joy to you as they do to me.

Becky Tyler, my friend and Teach Us Too ambassador on Grayson’s Art Club
Jemima Hughes’s animation shown on the BBC. Jemima made another excellent animation for the BBC called ‘How to Speak When You Don’t Have a Voice‘ which you can see here