Thanksgiving Psalm

Celebrating birthdays is such fun, especially when they are your own!  Not every eleven-year-old has their birthday announced on the local news, but I was most pleased with the reactions to the Guardian article I wrote as it took me a long time to write.  On 27th January we marvel as a family at another year together and give thanks.


A Psalm of Thanksgiving for Eleven Years

Rejoicing in God’s lavished love,

Celebrating His glorious goodness for the last eleven years,

You have cradled me in the crook of your arms,

Comforting me in the unreachable blackest night,

For some, darkness would have opened the door to despair,

But, your hope-fuelled love gives me freedom to dance life’s joy,

Your serene peace massages my soul,

As I await your call home forever.

Rejoice in God’s goodness evermore – Amen!

© Jonathan Bryan


9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Psalm

  1. Fantastic article in the Guardian Jonathan! Very interesting informative read and i can understand your frustrations with not being able to communicate, but you are now making up for it big time, you have also learnt much in your silent frustrating years which you are now using for yourself and those around. I like your style of writing you have a good command of the english language. My son (Iain) had his birthday the day after you,he was 21. He also loves birthdays and celebrations!! Iain said Happy Birthday Jonathan. I have used your Psalm personaly above for my son Iain to celebrate his 21 years. You have also inspired me to get Iain reading properly.When Iain started the day centre reading etc was dropped but i feel that all people need to be able to communicate /read,its so important,it opens a whole new world up as you have shown. Keep blogging Jonathan.


  2. Happy birthday Jonathan! May your writing continue to grow. We are yet to read your article in the Guardian but we are pretty sure you have done a beautiful job.
    With love from your new friends
    Emotional Spaces.


  3. Happy Birthday Jonathan!
    Thank you for this Psalm, it is wonderful. Your article in the Guardian is inciteful and I greatly appreciated it.
    Please keep on writing as you have a style that communicates with the heart and that’s a rarity these days.


  4. Good luck Jonathan I worked with servely profound children and adults in the 80 90 I hear your voice everybody should have the right to an education and happy belated birthday Carole howell xxx


  5. God be with you and your fight for the right of you and other children to access main stream school which is your right learn along with mainstream it does work good luck I shall light a candle tonight and pray for you


  6. Happy (belated) birthday Jonathan! I read your piece in the Guardian and thought, as it was written so eloquently, that you were in your teens. I’m seriously impressed that you’re just 11! I work as a writer (though not the exciting author kind, I write advertising and websites) so I can understand how good it can feel to write something that resonates both with yourself and with other people. I hope you keep sharing your work with the world!


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