16 today!

Today I am four years older than the most optimistic expert thought I would live for. At 16 I enter a no-man’s-land: too old to be considered a child, too young to be considered an adult. A good place to sit and reflect.

When I look back I feel an immense gratitude to Jesus for being with me in the ebbs and flows of my life; guiding me, sustaining me and when life’s been tough, carrying me. It’s also a time to thank family and friends for sticking by me, admiring my great taste in shirts and agreeing my wit is exceptional!

After I have sat and enjoyed the icing on my cake, I will fix my face forward.  There is still plenty of journeying to do, but I know that when Jesus calls me home I will eagerly go and live in the garden forever.

24 thoughts on “16 today!

  1. Deep and beautiful thoughts, Jonathan! My sons are 15 and 16 (almost 17) and have working tongues and limbs, but their spirits are not yet full of the knowledge and revelation of Jesus like yours is! It’s beautiful to hear you testify to His goodness here and the goodness of the garden to come, where He’s making all things new! Happy Birthday, wise and witty son of the King.

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  2. Wishing you and your family the happiest of days. Your positivity and strength and courage are an inspiration to us all. Sending you and your family the warmest of good wishes.

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  3. Happy Birthday Jonathan from Catherine O’Brien and Rita Winstone – Early Childhood Studies degree – Teesside University. Thanks for coming and speaking to us last semester. Have a fantastic day.

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