3 thoughts on “Comfort and Joy

  1. Jonathan thank you for this reflection.
    I have followed your story. You are such an inspiration despite your difficulties.
    As a teacher I taught some very special children with all sorts of difficulties, and was always humbled by their strength and determination. God bless you in the coming year as you continue to be a voice for those who need to be heard.

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  2. Good morning Jonathan (it is 7:40 am in Atlanta, GA, USA),

    Thank you for the beautiful reflection on the Magnificat. It shows that true comfort comes with union with God. “My soul magnifies the Lord”: to magnify something, the “image” (God) has to come through the lens (our soul). “My spirit rejoices IN God”.

    Your journey and life are a testament to this truth. Continue to share this intimacy you have with Christ. It gives us hope and serves as a guide, like the Saints.

    I once read that there are only 2 ways to reach “oneness” with God: through suffering or extraordinary love (the sort of love Mother Teresa felt). In both we are detached completely from earthly things: our ego, possessions, health, status, pride, etc. There is no other path to connect to our soul as you and Mary have. And once connected with the soul we are one through Christ, with Christ, in Christ. I pray that I can reach that point.

    Happy New Year!!!


    Guilherme Cantuaria


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