Magical Meeting!

Like a student at the feet of his master, on Friday I had the immense privilege of meeting my literary hero, Michael Morpurgo.  Listening to him read my story was an honour I will never forget.  The evening was rounded off with an excellent concert of songs mixed with a compelling reading of Michael Morpurgo’s ‘The Best Christmas in the World’ in aid of his charity, Farms for City Children.  My thanks go to the Make a Wish Foundation for arranging the meeting.

Below is a copy of my latest poem, inspired by ‘Coming Home’ by…Michael Morpurgo!


Going Home


Go my soul and go my eyes,

Onwards, onwards through fateful times,

Lift me, lift me home.

I must travel on.

Travel on.


Beckoning, calling, summoning, coaxing,

Drawing me homewards.


Travelling time on the wings of hope.

Fly my soul. Fly.


Anticipate home, yearn only for home,

Traversing on, voyaging on, journeying on.

Soar my soul, soar,

Steady my eyes. Steer steady.


Alone with Him in my heart,

Over the youngest years, through the sleeplessness,

She, my soul-mate joins me.

Together, our souls glide on.

Glide on.


Eyes sickening, body weakening, lungs dying,

Be strong my soul.

Be strong.

Falling, failing, fading…


Eyes glimpsing home.

Safe, warm, free, secure,

Soul’s rest.

Eyes discerning, eyes burning,

Dragged back, hauled back.

Next time.



Soul’s suffocating silence.

Eyes searching onwards, upwards,


Until, until…


…I look out and see,

Eyes discerning, fingers pointing, letters spelling,

Break free my soul,

Break free.


Onwards, eyes dancing soul’s beat,

Dance on my eyes.

Beat on my soul.

Home is calling, beckoning,

Soul’s yearning home.

©Jonathan Bryan

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7 thoughts on “Magical Meeting!

  1. You really are such an inspiration too so many. Your words are beautiful if I could have one bit of your courage with my illness would be a dream.

    Your parents and family must be immensely proud and I can say I’m proud of your courage and what you stand for.

    Wishes to you and your family.


  2. Hello Jonathan

    I am very inspired by your hope and your zest for life. I teach young people hoping to be teachers and you have taught me so much too – so thank you. Keep writing – Michael Murpurgo does great poems and your poem today provided me a reflective moment. All the best and keep writing.



  3. I look forward to your every post. I’m sure I would be self pitying and frustrated in your position, yet you have such enthusiasm, optimism and tremendous grace. A true inspiration to us all. Thank you – your positive influence is spreading far and wide and the world is a better place for it


  4. Hi Jonathan,

    You have a great name, same as my Dad. I have just read your piece in the Guardian and I find your story inspiring and praiseworthy. You have a maturity beyond your years and this poem is incredibly profound. No one can truly know your fight but to see your trust and hope in Christ is awesome. Keep on going and keep on writing, you have insight that is valuable to everyone who hears it.


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