Young People’s Mental Health

Until last week I assumed that everyone involved with children and young people was concerned about the affect the pandemic and successive lockdowns and isolation periods has had on young people’s mental health. But then I heard of someone who thinks it is all exaggerated. It made me wonder how many other adults think that the mental health crisis affecting young people is an exaggeration.

In the last three years there has been a 50% increase in the number of young people with a probable mental health issue. One in six children aged five to 16 are likely to have a mental health problem, so if you can imagine a classroom, that is five children in a class of 30.

Statistics can be quite dry, so if you are still not convinced here is my rendition of this issue in poetic form:

The Shores of Your Conscience

2 thoughts on “Young People’s Mental Health

  1. WOW… what a beautiful poem. Thank you for highlighting the plight of what are children have and are still going through 🙏🏾. You’ve made me stronger and feel less gas lit today in that others are aware of the effect of last 2 years on our beautiful children ❤️. The stop start nature of their education, their sport, hobbies, their friendships etc etc. My children’s primary school has cancelled all outdoor sports clubs for the last 3 weeks and instead has been replaced with indoor wrap around care. It doesn’t make sense but a lot of stuff doesn’t make sense at the moment 😞. Thank you for sharing this post and AMAZING poem and I hope many parents and people around the UK and the world realise the impact this has all had on the children and that we can all work together to help them heal 🙏🏾.

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  2. Jonathan once again you have highlighted an issue which is being overlooked in the furore of government parties.
    Mental health has been sorely underfunded for decades and it is at our peril to ignore the needs of young people in this way. I have sent this to my daughter who is head of mental health in her large girls school in Hitchin. I am sure she will find your acknowledgment of the issue very helpful. Thank you for your insight as always. God bless you.

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