In This Light

Before this year I hadn’t been to a book launch – now I’ve  been to two in three months! On Thursday I was honoured to attend the launch of In This Light, a book compiled of thoughts for Christmas by the archbishop of Canterbury and 49 other contributors (including a small piece from me).

Reading my copy of the book has been inspiring – stories and messages of kindness, hope and peace abound within its pages from a diverse spectrum of people ranging from celebrities to a man acquitted from death row.

It is indicative of the kind of person Archbishop Justin is, that in a room of household names, he chose the unknown non-verbal 12 year old to say something.  Indicative of the principles of the baby born that first Christmas that the weak are elevated, those on the margins of society given a voice, those excluded enabled to contribute.

Along with Eye Can Write, this book would make a perfect Christmas gift.

Here is a prayer I wrote for the launch:


Thank you for bringing us together, as we celebrate the publication of this empowering book. May it help spread the love that you instil within us all, through the beautiful messages of hope, peace and your great unfathomable love demonstrated in sending Jesus.  Within these pages we are also made aware of those in need: the lonely, those caught up in conflict and the broken-hearted.  Draw near to them Lord so that your light may penetrate their lives this Christmas.

In Jesus name we pray,




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