Bishop Viv’s Enthronement

When I received the invitation to Bishop Viv’s enthronement, I was surprised and honoured she wanted me there. So I went along assuming I was filling the last few places at the back. Instead, on arrival at the Cathedral we were escorted further and further down the building until we reached the second row… and no it wasn’t a mistake:enthronement

What a demonstration of God’s topsy-turvy kingdom values that two non-verbal people are sat alongside local dignitaries and in the row in front of Bishops’ wives; that scattered throughout the service are the voices of children reading parts of the liturgy; that one of the songs had the refrain ‘all are welcome’.

So as Bishop Viv starts her ministry among us we pray for her and look forward to building a church where all are accepted, all are accepted and all are welcome.

bishop viv enthronement[photo ©Barbara Evripidou/]


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