Risky Christmas

This year we are all becoming evaluators of risk.  Every activity is weighed to consider the possibilities of exposure to COVID, and assessed against thresholds of our own making. Like many I am really hoping I get to spend Christmas with extended family.

When I think of that first Christmas it is incredible to consider the risks God is prepared to take in His love for us. As the author of life itself God knew that the only way to save the story of the humans he had created was to write in the character of his own son, and send him into the world as one of us, in order that through his death the enemy, the devil, would be defeated.   As a disabled person I know what it’s like to inhabit a body that doesn’t function at full capacity; how much more amazing it is to think of Jesus, God himself, becoming restricted from being divine to being a man and sharing our humanity. There is immense power in the humility.

So as we celebrate Christmas, I pray we will all encounter anew the God of incomprehensibly risky, unfathomably enormous love.

Happy Christmas!

8 thoughts on “Risky Christmas

  1. As always Jonathan you have an exquisite use of language to express your thoughts and how generous you are to share these thoughts. I was in the Nativity at Wintershall this year as the Innkeeper and at the end I hold the new born baby Jesus and realise that risk taken by the Son of God in coming to us and it was overwhelming every time I did it. You have put that into words for me. Thank you and blessings to you and your family this Christmas. Xxx Trish B

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