Swindon Literature Festival

On Saturday I was honoured to take part in the Swindon Spring Festival and share something of my love of writing.  Yet again, my wonderful sister Susannah read my words from a fully lit stage, but unlike anything I have done before my words were simultaneously translated into sign language. With a green room of my own and a special table to sign books as well as a very warm welcome we were made to feel like VIPs.

One thought on “Swindon Literature Festival

  1. You are a very important person Jonathan. Your writing inspires, encourages and gives voice to those who can not speak. I felt privileged to read the experiences you so generously shared in your book. I will take the advice you gave me on Saturday. I will finish a story I am passionate about, one I hope will also give voice to those who are not heard. Thank you for coming to the festival 😀

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