A Dog at Last!

A few months ago I wrote this pantoum poem in anticipation of the imminent arrival of a dog to join our family. 

Sadly, that dog didn’t work out, and since then it has been a tortuous wait for another dog… but Diego, our golden retriever, has been totally worth hanging on for.  With the softest fur imaginable and big adoring eyes, he is the best companion I could have wished for.  Outside he cavorts with my sisters in the garden, inside he cuddles me.  So, here he is; Diego Bryan, the furry full stop at the end of our family: we are complete!

In the bluebell woods
Cuddles at bedtime

5 thoughts on “A Dog at Last!

  1. How wonderful for you all Jonathan. Our dog Gucci , who is a Cocker Spaniel, give us all so much happiness. He helps us get out into the countryside and get our exercise. You all look so relaxed and happy with Diego. I also care for a Golden Retriever too. I will send you a photo. Zena xxx

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