Being a Diana Award holder has been an amazing experience – from receiving my Legacy Award from the princes, to talking at the House of Lords.

And now the Diana Award have asked me to help them find the next Change_Makers. Do you know a Change_Maker? Find out more and nominate here.

Since I’ve been able to spell to communicate I have been trying to demonstrate that you can’t judge someone on their outward disabilities, and that whatever your circumstances you always have something to offer. Being a Change_Maker is a way to show the world that young people are not just the future, we are the answer to the present; we are not just the ones who need teaching, we bring fresh perspectives on old issues; we are not just to be tolerated, we can demonstrate new ways to embrace difference. As Change-makers we build a brighter future today.

read more on the blog post I wrote for the Diana Award

One thought on “Change_Makers

  1. Good morning Jonathan, I have just finished reading your book, Eye Can Write, and felt compelled to let you know how much i enjoyed it.
    How fascinating it was to read, and what an utterly charming and remarkable young man you are! Judy Outlaw

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