Oxford Brookes Inclusion Conference

On Friday I attended the Oxford Brookes Inclusion Conference and shared my message of literacy for all, selling a lot of my books and leading a seminar with Mummy and Sarah for Teach Us Too. Nothing gives me greater joy than hearing teachers say they will look at the education of children with PMLD in a different light.

If you know of any good ways to get my message out then please leave a comment below or email Teach Us Too via their contact page.


2 thoughts on “Oxford Brookes Inclusion Conference

  1. Wow Jonathan you are very determined. You have achieved so much in your life I can’t believe you seen Michael Morpurgo we have ordered your book online and I’m very excited to read it we watched you on my life and you were very amazing you are achieving so much in your life and I was so glad you’re Christian we are too I’m Hannah Mary Nicholls and I’m age 10 and a half we are Christian’s as well but my daddy is not a vicar I hope you look at my comment

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