Busy Summer

Long time, no see! What have I been up to and where have I been? Sometimes no news is good news, but in my case no news means busy news.

Since Eye Can Write was published in July I have had a lot of publicity, articles and letters to write. Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to write a review of my book, I have read them all and I apologise to anyone who stayed up late as they couldn’t put it down! If you haven’t left a review yet, it is never too late to help me reach my target of 200 Amazon reviews by Christmas.

At the end of July I was honoured to speak at the 1Voice annual residential weekend on story telling. As well as a wonderful opportunity for me to meet other young people who use AAC to communicate, it was just as important for my sisters to know that there are other siblings like them.

But of course the highlight of the summer was two family holidays near the beach, made all the more special this year as my health has not been brilliant.

What next? Watch this space for more (frequent) updates.


2 thoughts on “Busy Summer

  1. Hi Jonathan

    Firstly my congratulations on completing your extraordinary book. You are a remarkable young man with a huge talent for writing. I rarely read a book with such a wonderful and powerful use of language and never before have I read anything like this from someone your age, let alone your disability!

    I have worked all my adult life with children and young people who have complex needs. I run a charity, Birmingham PHAB Camps, taking children with a wide range of abilities away on residential holidays, cared for by teams of volunteers.

    I have been told many many times by schools and families that their child is unable to communicate and, of course, I believe that everyone can communicate in some way. Indeed I have been able to have long “yes no” conversations with children who we are told “can’t communicate”. But now after over 30 years working in the field I have to rethink everything I know… because of you! I keep thinking back to all the young people I have met and am now wondering which of them would be equally as capable as you were they only given the chance.

    Next year at our training day for our volunteers I intend to show one of your videos to illustrate the importance of communication and of talking to each disabled child we meet exactly the same way we would talk to a child who does not have a disability.

    I have already suggested that all our volunteers working with SEN or complex needs buy your book!

    Again many congratulations on the success of your wonderful book. I hope it continues to sell and that your charity goes from strength to strength.

    Maxine Ross-Wallis

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    • Hi Maxine,
      I couldn’t agree more about Jonathan and his wonderful book. Inspirational.

      A quick question –
      Is your charity the Birmingham PHAB Camps in Alabama, USA?

      I studied for my Masters Degree at Auburn University (many years ago!) and I had the immense pleasure of spending a day at one of the camps. Although it was a short visit I learnt so much from my day. I will be back in Alabama at the end of year doing some SEND research it would be wonderful to meet up. You can contact me through my website http://www.backpocketteacher.co.uk

      Best wishes,


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