D-Day for Eye Can Write

12th July; this date has been highlighted on the calendar since January, before I handed in the first manuscript.  And now it is here – D-day for my book, Eye Can Write.                               
me and my book

At the weekend an extract from the book was featured in the Mail on Sunday, and on Monday there was an article about me and my book in the Daily Express.

Today you can see me on ITV’s This Morning (broadcast from 10.30-12.30) chatting to Holly and Phil about my book and the launch of my charity Teach Us Too, which is very exciting.  Now off to Channel 5 news.

This evening my book and charity are launched at Waterstones Piccadilly. I am honoured to be joined by Archbishop Justin, who will say a prayer and Sir Michael Morpurgo who will read an extract from my book.  If you didn’t manage to get a ticket before they sold out, we are hoping to record the event.

I hope you enjoy reading my book!


2 thoughts on “D-Day for Eye Can Write

  1. Thank you for the invite to such an awesome event. You were brilliant and I loved your answers to Michael’s questions, he met his match!
    I have just finished reading your book this morning. I started reading it on the coach home and only tiredness made me reluctantly stop at 1am! There are so many people that I can think of that will be helped by reading this book. I will be buying more!

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