Second Chance Meeting

Sometimes, before I could spell everything I wanted to say, I would meet someone in a one-off situation and be frustrated by my inability to chat with them; relying instead on looking them in the eye and smiling.  In September 2014, six months prior to spelling, I met one such person.  Here we are at the time:


Never did I dream that I would get an opportunity to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury again.  But, yesterday, I was invited to Lambeth Palace for a glorious late afternoon meeting, and was able to have an interesting and in-depth discussion with the Archbishop about a range of topics close to my heart.  More wonderful still, all my family could come with me.

Joining the community for evening prayer in the Crypt was a beautiful end to an awesome day.




3 thoughts on “Second Chance Meeting

  1. Jonathan- you are such an amazing and inspirational person – even if you didn’t have a disability. I just love having your updates and have followed you since you first started communicating on the social web. I live in Jersey and would love to be to be able to arrange a visit for all your family and maybe you give a talk to a group here. I’ve been involved with Mencap, Autism and Riding for the Disabled, and it’s been something I’m passionate about. Jersey is a beautiful Island and quite close to England / about 30-40 mins flight. I would personally fund some of it and seek support for the rest. Please ask your parents to contact me, if you are able to fly. My family business have restaurants and a small boutique hotel in St Helier, with lift access. I realize someone else is going to pick this up, but I would really like do this. You are just amazing as your parents are. By the way I have 5 children and nearly 19 grandchildren ! Please ask the person in charge of this mail, to contact me on the above email address. Keep going and having that amazing smile – you are truly amazing too. PS our business is Jersey Pottery or JP Restaurants . Look forward to hearing from you. xxx Sent from my iPhone



  2. Brilliant, so glad you managed to ‘have your say’ in the end. Wonderful photo of you all – you are certainly getting to go some interesting places and meet some very influential people. Well done, holding you all and you campaign with hugs and prayers.

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  3. I wonder if the Archbishop was also glad of a second chance to meet you. I imagine you inspired each other. Awesome picture…..I think you had the best seat.


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