Bravo for Body Boarding

Disability.  For me this is just a word that means I have to work harder to find ways around things.

So when I watch my sisters body boarding I am sure we can find a way for me to do it too.  Thankfully I am surrounded by family as determined as I am; so with my mother carrying the oxygen, my godfather carrying the body board and my parents between them carrying me, we parade down the beach.  Feeling the waves is exhilarating; riding the crest of nature’s force I experience a strong connection with our creator God.  And it’s fun.  Really fun.  When we make our way back to our spot on the beach, the adults tired and relieved I use my spelling board to say, “that was wonderful, let’s do it again tomorrow.”



14 thoughts on “Bravo for Body Boarding

  1. So thrilled to see you have been body boarding. I was doing the same in Cornwall yesterday. Isn’t it the most exhilarating thing?


  2. I really like your definition of disability Jonathan
    “Disability. For me this is just a word that means I have to work harder to find ways around things.”
    So glad you got to enjoy body boarding on your holiday. Did you have another go the next day? Hope so 🙂


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  4. My son who is in Malmesbury School showed me the leaflet about you…so I decided to have a look at your blog. Great to see you enjoying the beach 🙂


  5. Hi Jonathan,

    Greetings from Phoenix, Arizona – we are cousins on some level but I get confused on how the cousin structure works. Your Grandmother Veronica is my 1st cousin and Godmother and she sent me the link to your blog. Wow! It is so enjoyable and inspiring to read the blog and your writing and poetry. You are so very talented.

    I moved to America almost 40 years ago and have not been back to England in many years so we have never had the opportunity to meet. I am hopeful we will go over there next year and if so, I hope we have the opportunity to meet you then.

    With love, Lynn & Bianca Stafford


  6. Hi Jonathan
    I have loved reading your blog and have been greatly moved by it. Now I am looking forward to reading your book.
    I am a teacher in The Sultanate of Oman. I have always told the students that us teachers can learn a lot from young people and today you have illustrated my point beautifully. I hope I never stop learning. You are an amazing inspiration and the way you are changing the mind set of those of us in education is humbling. Thank you.

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