Study Day, Story and SATs

On Friday, I had the privilege of speaking at a study day for professionals and parents entitled: AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) & Literacy Best Practice Study Day.  Excitingly, there was a whole room of people as passionate about literacy teaching as I am.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it is like being trapped in a classroom and babysat with hour after hour of age inappropriate activities? Nursery rhymes, songs for everything, sensory materials and the icing on the cake – being talked to in a voice usually reserved for babies.  All of this prioritised above literacy teaching, ANY literacy teaching. The type of literacy teaching that expects learning. When I was at special school I learnt to amuse myself in my inner world, often disappearing off with my best friend.  This was the inspiration behind my BBC Radio 2 500 words story, “Curtains to Freedom”, which you can read here.

Next week I will be sitting my Year 6 SATs. My dream is that in the years to come many children like me will reach their full potential and have the opportunity to learn to read and write.

Will you join me in making this a reality?


To find out more about AAC click here


One thought on “Study Day, Story and SATs

  1. Hi, you make really valid points. I can only begin to imagine how deeply frustrating it would be to be treated the way you were/are. You are leading the fight to get the rights of young people the education they deserve – no doubt a long and hard battle but it will be won in the end.

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