2 thoughts on “Easter Extravaganza

  1. Dear Jonathan,

    I am a teacher (a Head Teacher in fact) and heard your Easter poem being read out on the radio whilst driving home from London late last night. I have just read some of your blog and am struggling to put in to words (not usual for a teacher) how moved and impressed I am by your blog. Not only is what your have written so eloquent, thoughtful and mature; but your character shines through so strongly. You are clearly a very talented and determined yet patient, brave and humble young man. Your faith in God also shines through.

    Thank you for writing your blog. I hope one day that you will write a book? Do you have one planned?

    I will make sure I tell other teachers about your blog. Thank you for sharing and also for changing the conversation about children with ‘Special Educational Needs’. I love the fact that you have already met the Minister for Vulnerable Children. You are a great example of the fact that young people really can impact politics and the world around them. More young people need to believe this.

    Keep doing what you are doing and thank you again. Best wishes,

    Annalise Price-Thomas (Head of Gloucestershire Hospital Education Service).


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