Holiday Happiness

During the holidays I had a wonderful time.  Frolicking sisters and a coasting daddy made for an entertaining display, freedom to be ourselves was the most wonderful fun.


H appiness emerging excitement growing,

O ceans of dancing waves lovingly flowing,

L aughter like singing birds heard in the morning,

I rresistable ice-cream noon-time yawning,

D addy filling our heads with figures and facts,

A way we’re escaping down unexplored tracks,

Y early adventures treasured deep in our hearts,

S adness its over til the next one starts.

© Jonathan Bryan


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2 thoughts on “Holiday Happiness

  1. A lovely acrostic poem!
    I’m a member of Carlisle Writers’ Group and this is my very first effort on the night I joined. The reason I like it is because it was done in a ten minute writing exercise, and the cat-clan really represents the writers’ group as saw them that night:
    Cats sat in silhouette on the moon-lit wall,
    Any one of them could tumble and fall.
    Ratty was usually first of the mark but was having a ball,
    Licking his long, lithe legs. ‘Purr-fect!’, he said, then
    Issued an order to his moggie pals –
    ‘Shift yourselves
    With his flexible furry body, He’s my
    Right-hand man
    Illustrating all that’s good about our cat-clan –
    Tremendous paws,
    E specially for thought (pause for thought)
    Right guys?’
    ‘Sure thing Cats’, they chorused
    ‘Great to belong to a talented,
    Rounded group of fascinating felines.
    Our coterie is blessed’, they said in
    ‘Peace be with you brothers’, said Cats, making the sign of a cross.

    Writers are not supposed to be pleased with their work, they should always be in pursuit of perfection. But when something comes together we can always say: ‘Well, it just wrote itself’.

    Love, Ella


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