8 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Reading all about you is making me cry & smile together.However I am not feeling sorry for you but so full of admiration for you.you sound like you should be a philosopher.your words have such deep meanings.Lets hope some good comes from all your hard work to help others get what they deserve in life.God bless you .you are truly a gifted star .Louise X


  2. Hi Jonathan,

    What an amazing awe inspiring individual you are! Very articulate (which I was as articulate!) your story is one of hope and it would be in humane if your petition wasn’t actioned.

    Please also pass on my utter admiration for the love and persistence your parents have shown.

    Take Care and Good Luck.
    Most of all, don’t stop talking and writing!


  3. Dear Jonathan, after your petition popped up in my inbox I found your blog and read your inspiring words (I did sign your petition first!). I especially loved Song of Voice, and your story about Jesus’ garden is wonderful. I felt like I was really there up in that tree, your writing was so vivid. I love words and I also write poetry. By sharing your story you made realise anew how Every. Single. Word. Is. Precious. Thankyou for writing your blog – I realise it must take much time and effort. Very best wishes for the petition which I will share. I hope you will write more poetry.


  4. Jonathan, you are an inspiration and so is your amazing mother. You remind us never to give up! You’re a talented writer too and your writing is very moving. I signed your petition and I hope it succeeds.


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