Jonathan’s first blog

Jonathan with spelling board

Hello! Thank you for reading my blog. I am excited about telling you what my life is like, now I can talk all the time using my eyes to spell on an alphabet board. Will you imagine what it might be like to have waited 9 years to be able to talk?

In the year since beginning to talk my favourite thing to tell people is when I was young and I was ill I went to Jesus’ garden. I experienced so many things in Jesus’ garden I wanted to share some of this in my story for the BBC Radio 2 500 word story competition.

As all of my friends at the church and my school are able to talk I am enjoying asking them questions and talking to them.

When I learnt to spell it meant I could ask for things that I wanted to do. For my tenth birthday I was allowed to choose ten different ways to celebrate, my first choice was to bake every day, which I have a breadmaker for.

Spelling out the difference talking makes is very difficult so I have tried to describe it in poetry:

Song of Voice

As adept fingers point
My silent soul emerges,
Like the dawn blackbird’s song
Suddenly breaking the black.

Music buried in the mind
Sings melodies divine,
Of ancient tales yet untold
Unfurled to men astound.

Whose beauty hears my voice?
What depths saddened my pathway?
Soaring eagles spread wings
I fly to my destiny.

© Jonathan Bryan