Teenage Kidney

Today my transplanted kidney turns 13.  Thirteen years off the debilitating rounds of dialysis, repeated infections and frequent hospitalisation.  Thirteen years of living a full life and embracing all the opportunities that have come my way. 

For me and my family today is marked with thankfulness: for the new life the kidney gave us, for the doctors and consultants who manage my health and tread the tight rope of immunosuppression. But we’re also aware that for another family today marks a different anniversary. Our debt of gratitude is to them, that out of grief they could gift life.

In May it was one year since Max and Keira’s law was passed, which has replaced opting into donation with an opt out based system. This has increased the number of organ donations, but with families still having a final say its important everyone has an organ donation chat with their loved ones.

To commemorate today I have written a poem.

6 thoughts on “Teenage Kidney

  1. Jonathan so glad that your transplant has been so successful. We have a young girl only 14 in our parish who has recently had a kidney transplant and is just recovering from the operation and getting used to a new and hopefully better life. The amazing thing is that she had a living donor which I find extraordinary. The generosity of people can know no bounds and to give life in this way is also a wonderful thing to behold. God bless all those who are able to help others to live through their organ donation.

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  2. Delighted to hear this news Jonathon. Best wishes to you and your family. May you continue the important advocacy you are doing. The world is a better place for you and your outreach work to support understanding for children with different challenges. Catherine OBrien

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