As summer sighs its last…

As summer sighs its last through a sunny September day it feels fitting to reflect on what this summer has been. Unusual springs to mind – quieter and less busy but blessed nonetheless. Lots of beautiful walks in parts of our county we hadn’t explored, plenty of picnics and smatterings of meeting friends and family from a two-meter distance. And the sea. Everything is put into perspective when you spend time at the beach hearing the rhythm of the waves and knowing that the tide will continue to rise and fall even after you’ve packed up and gone home. Creation held by the Creator.

Last week my sisters returned to school and all my friends did too. But we decided with my consultant that I will continue my subjects from home. Not an easy decision, but sometimes the right decision can be the hardest one. During lockdown I wrote a series of tweets using the hashtag #ThankfulNotFearful, but as the rules tighten again I think for me the challenge is now #JoyfulNotResentful. And there is much for me to be thankful and joyful about as my health is good, my friends keep in regular contact and I can attend my church every weekend. Without travel to and from school I also have more time for writing, so watch this space…

7 thoughts on “As summer sighs its last…

  1. God bless you Jonathan, as always ever positive, ever trusting the Lord, whatever life brings. I love to read your posts. The lady who introduced me to your book as recently died. I am very grateful to her that she shared your book with me and I have since shared it with many people. May she rest in peace and rise in glory in the beautiful garden of Jesus that you describe so well.

    Best wishes to you and your family.


  2. Thank you poetic and positive as always. You speak to my heart.
    Loving the new #joyfulnotresentful.
    That is a gift of grace beyond our manufacturing but within our asking and receiving.
    Bless your ministry always.


  3. Thanks for the post Jonathan. My son is 4 and has Cerebral Palsy. You’ve been a shining light and inspiration to me, James and the rest of the family. Glad your health is good and you’ve enjoyed your summer. 🙏


  4. Hi Jonathan I finished reading your book today and thought I would look at your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. You are such an inspiration.The area we live in has just been told we are going into a local lockdown tomorrow. We used your blog entry to start off our prayer meeting this evening to focus our hearts and minds on being thankful and joyful. Praying Gods richest blessings on you and your family


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