Shine a Light Award

What a day I had yesterday!  Travelling up to London on the train, we made our way to the impressive Strand offices of Pearson Clinical, which has an awesome panoramic view of London’s Thames landmarks. My hopes were also set high as I had been shortlisted for the Young Person of the Year at the Shine a Light Awards 2018.  Receiving the award from 2 previous winners, Gregor Gilmour and Jonathan Middleditch, was a great honour.  To have my work with my Teach Us Too campaign recognised by people in the field of speech and language therapy and education, feels like an endorsement of all I am trying to achieve for children yoked with labels that suffocate their learning.  

During the ceremony, a film was shared which was recorded at my school a few weeks ago.  As you will see below I have been blessed with an amazing bunch of friends.


7 thoughts on “Shine a Light Award

  1. Many Many Congratulations to you and your lovely family. You could emulate Steven Hawkins in the future for the amazing way you have learnt to communicate and to spread the word to all your peers. You are just one amazing young man. I love receiving your posts, so please keep going. LOL Jenny Jones

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  2. Congratulations Jonathan! I am so pleased for you and for all you are achieving. I love receiving your emails, and I am spreading the news of your campaign to my family and friends. Well done again! 🙂 xxx

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  3. You have got an amazing group of friends of friends Jonathan but your personal achievements are amazing. Keep going. Love Sarah, Chris, Finley and Isaac xx

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  4. Congratulations Jonathan. You truely are an inspiration. I thoroughly enjoy reading about your endeavours and your achievements. Your success is well deserved.

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