The wait is over!

Overwhelmed by the response to the CBBC My Life Documentary, I want to thank the people who have contacted me and continue to support my campaign.

How did you watch it?  I gathered my friends and we cobbled together a big screen in the playroom.  Jollity filled the air and we whooped every time someone in the room appeared on the screen, and hollered ‘he’s 12’ every time the film said I was 10! To round off a perfect evening, my sisters made me a wonderful chocolate cake.

my life documentary

Don’t worry if you missed it, as it can be seen on iplayer for the next 28 days.




17 thoughts on “The wait is over!

  1. We loved watching it. Congratulations to you and your family. My son is 9 years old and non verbal. We loved the bit with Michael Morpurgo, you made a big impact on him. Well done to you and your family.

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  2. I watched it on iPlayer last night. It’s brilliant!
    Your writing is exceptional, Jonathan. I loved your meeting with Michael Morpurgo. Which is your favourite Morpurgo novel?
    I think your campaign is terrific. I wish you EVERY success. x

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  3. Watched it on iplayer this morning. Jonathan you and all your family, carers, school friends are amazing. You touch the heart of all you meet.
    Why oh why was this not also shown on BBC1 or BBC2 in the evening

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  4. Hi Jonathan
    What a fantastic programme! You must be so proud. I learnt a lot and I’m sure others did too. Hope your work with the minister means that other children are given the chance to learn to read and write.
    Ruth x

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  5. To Jonathan,I love your notes 📝 Did you know I am a Christian too.I love writing and Reading 📖 I have written a poem about the ☔️ My name is Josephine (Josie)and I am 7.Your My Life video was amazing 😉 from Josie

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