7 thoughts on “Press Release!

  1. My children had CBBC on in the kitchen while I was cooking dinner and your story came on. Wow. You are such an inspiration and we wish you luck with your book. We will be looking out for it. X

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  2. Just watched your ‘my life programme’ on tv with my children- we so enjoyed watching and hearing your writing with Michael Morpurgo . We think you are inspiring and your views to help others are amazing and thought provoking.
    We hope more children are helped and you are surely succeeding in this.

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  3. Dear Jonathan,

    I have just watched the film about your life.
    What an unbelievably inspiring human being you are.
    You are so talented in your use of words. Such depth of emotion is evoked and conveyed.
    I am profoundly moved by your determination, compassion and courage.
    You have motivated me to be more courageous in my life, to believe i can and am able to be and do what i want.

    Many, many thanks Jonathan.
    Sending you love and continued strength and fortitude.

    God bless you and your family.
    Kathryn x

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  4. Incredible.

    Moving and wonderful. Signed the petition

    Loved the baking too!

    You make the world a better place Jonathan. And the world needs that more now than ever.

    God Bless. Keep smiling, it lights up everywhere!



  5. Jonathan, I absolutely loved watching your story on CBBC. It was so encouraging to hear about how Jesus is your saviour, companion and friend. Well done for working hard to make sure that the BBC kept that bit in! I am looking forward to reading whatever you write next! with very best wishes to you and your family.

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