Christmas Letter from the Desk of Jonathan

In September I started at Malmesbury Secondary School, where I am studying English, maths and science on a reduced timetable. Although I was very nervous when I began, I needn’t have been – I have made a great set of new friends, been accepted by the school community and love learning new things with inspiring teachers.

In the meantime my campaign for all children to be taught to read and write regardless of their label has taken me to speak at conferences in Leeds and Manchester, and the House of Lords. Teach Us Too continues to grow, with more plans in 2018.

All of this has kept me busy this term, but the reason I haven’t written many blogs is… writing! Every spare writing moment has been spent completing my book, Eye Can Write, which is due to be published in July 2018.

Below is a short extract from my book:

‘There are a number of reasons Christmas is my favourite time of year – the first is a pragmatic one, my body doesn’t mind being cold but causes me a lot of stress when it gets too hot, so the winter climate is perfect. Secondly, it means Daddy-time – not the usual quarter of an hour snatched between bath time and his evening meetings, but real Daddy-time, long afternoons, fact-filled forays into books, the ipad and outings. But before we can have our Daddy, there is the real reason I love Christmas. Sometimes, heaven and earth seem so close, they almost touch each other. This for me is the ‘magic’ of Christmas, and it’s not only for us children to enjoy, for Jesus came for us all. When heaven draws close to earth, it affects people’s behaviour, making them jollier, more generous and gentler.’

Happy Christmas to you all!

Christmas cake 2017

Christmas cake made by me, decoration designed by Susannah, decorated by Susannah, Jemima and me, shortly to be eaten by us all!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Letter from the Desk of Jonathan

  1. Jonathan, I am inspired by you, by the eloquence and maturity of what you write. I look forward to reading your book. It frightens me that other young people are living a life locked in just because the person behind the silence hasn’t been recognised. I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas celebrating the birth of a very special baby.

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  2. How Gifted you are, and what an incredible year you and your whole family have had.
    Such Adventures. And your achievents in Media ! I seem to see Articles about you in Magazines or hear you on the Radio increasingly often ..Chris Evans seems to have become a Personal friend of yours !
    Really Hope you and your Dear Family have a Fantastic Christmastime together.
    Lots of Love from The Gear Family x

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