The Diana Legacy Award

The secret is out!  I am excited, honoured and humbled to have received an inaugural Diana Legacy Award from HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry at St James’s Palace yesterday.

Meeting the inspiring young people who also received the award was a privilege and I am humbled to hold the same accolade as them.

The Teach Us Too campaign journey has not been trail blazed alone, and I receive this award with thanks in my heart to everyone who has travelled the path with me;  and I am immensely grateful for the Diana Award for joining me as I seek to be a voice for the voiceless.

[see the day on Sky news and on tumblr]

all award holdersJonathan with HarryPrince William and Prince Harry give Jonathan award 2Prince William and Prince Harry give Jonathan award


7 thoughts on “The Diana Legacy Award

  1. I am so delighted for you both! You are always in my thoughts and I was wondering how your campaign was progressing. Well done! Congratulations! Maybe God bless you and guide your on the rest of your journey.

    South Kilkenny


  2. Hi Jonathan ( and family)
    I’m so thrilled to see this. Well done – you are an inspiration. Very proud of you all.
    Lots of love.


  3. You are a true inspiration to everyone Johnathon. Your writings are amazing, and your determination and strength. Congratulations on this very special achievement, for you and your family.
    God Bless. I am sure you will go from strength to strength.


  4. We know Johnathan and we are Blessed to have him a a unique inspirational friend of Nik.Nik loves him adores him as he is just so wise for one so young.Nik learns from Johnathan as we all do and his beautiful honest family deserve all the love ,recognition of all his hard work in giving children adults a voice in this so difficult world.
    We are proud of you Johnathan .We say a big Congratulations.)Love you from Nik.)


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