Christmas Joy

At Christmas time love descended in Jesus and that same love abounds today.  Happy Christmas!

God’s Grace

Laughter of reunion voices,

Fading through the night breeze,

Secluded in obscurity,

Cry of life – born for me.

Exhilarated exhaustion,

Carved on Mary’s face,

Faintly inklings of foreboding,

Echoing loving grace.

Vulnerable humility,

Divine, dependent boy.

Thousand years of prophetic light,

Lavished blessing – our joy. 

Running feet, gruff country voices,

Shepherds shyly shuffle,

Angelic announcement sharing,

Lost in awe, most humble.

Shafts of moonlight illuminate,

The sound of peace descends,

Embodied freedom sleeping now,

God’s love surrounds, transcends.

© Jonathan Bryan


10 thoughts on “Christmas Joy

  1. Thank you for his beautiful poem Jonathan ! I love your use of alliteration too — what wonderful writing ! I hope you receive a goodly share of Christmas blessings too —- and your family .

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  2. I’m so looking forward to seeing your programme on Monday 5th February after reading the article in Saturday’s Daily Mail Weekend. I cared for my 100 year old father for 5 years and his faith was such a source of strength to him, which became even stronger the nearer he ended his earthly life. You are such an inspiration to us all. God Bless you Jonathan x


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