Eye Can Bake

Baking is my favourite pastime, even though I cannot eat because I am tube fed.  Why? All my life people have done things for me; by baking I can make others happy and nothing gives me greater pleasure.

Recently I held a coffee morning in aid of Tearfund, you can read the extraordinary figure I rose in the article below.  Here is a baking poem:

Baking Beauty

Filling, beating, stirring, pouring,

Baking beauty life restoring,

Dripping goodness love in sharing,

Aromatic health repairing,

Pleasant parcels held with pleasure,

Tantalising tastes to treasure.


© Jonathan Bryan


Tearfund article


9 thoughts on “Eye Can Bake

    • Loved the article and, of course, Meyd1l&#82o7;s blog site. I haven’t her food for quite a few years, but if she makes spaghetti ask her about her Oklahoma colander.


  1. Treasure is one of my favourite words Jonathan.
    Your baking poem captures just right the way it feels to pour and mix things like cakes and the satisfying feeling of making something to give those we love.
    Which is definitely something to treasure and share all at once.
    Just as they treasure you.
    Love Kathryn

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  2. This is brilliant. I love it. I am currently writing about what children gain from baking and this story has really inspired me.
    Thanks Jonathan.. keep baking. x


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