16 thoughts on “Life in the Limelight

  1. Hi Jonathan, very cool to see you on telly last night and to see you are getting your message out to the wider community – I hope you are getting on OK with Soundbeam, if you need any pointers or help do get in touch. Keep up the great work. Adrian.

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  2. Hello Jonathan, you are such an inspiration and you have really touched my heart with your courage and positivity. You are amazing and have such a lovely family. I will be signing your petition. Take Care x

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  3. Hi Jonathan. I read about you in the Daily Mail. Your writing is excellent and I particularly enjoyed ‘The Forever Garden’. God bless. Graham W.

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  4. Hi Jonathan I love that you are so clear on your purpose. Well done for working so hard at it. You are a star. I would also like to see some writing about your family life and likes and dislikes as an almost 11- year old. You are an excellent writer so, in your blog, please tell us what makes you tick and share some of that quick and cheeky sense of humour you have! 😉

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  5. Hi Jonathan! I have just read your autobiography and you really are awesome, You have a real talent for writing. Your poems are great. I especially loved “Jon-Jon, Jon-Jon, turning ten”, I think it’s really clever. You are a celebrity now because you are all over the newspapers! 🙂 I signed your petition and I have asked my friends to sign it as well. I shall follow your blog now too. Thank you for sharing your story with us 🙂

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  6. Hi Jonathan,
    I read the article about you in the Daily Mail! I was blown away by your story and love that you got a chance to show off what you knew, that your parents trusted their instincts and that your personality is no longer trapped. I will admit to being a complete softie and had a few happy tears when you had your eureka moment! I work as a special needs teacher in Ireland and I love when I notice that extra sparkle in my kids eyes. I never underestimate them and reading your article has redeemed my way of thinking about that. Some of my kids may not be able to do all you do intellectually but they have skills in other ways that they never got to show was possible for them like art, sports, music, socially…

    Jonathan I loved your story and I can see in your eyes what a beautiful soul with a healthy dose of divilment you have. I wish you all the best and keep you in my prayers .

    You, my young man, have inspired me X
    God bless,

    Ps I haven’t read your blogs but I will

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  7. Hey Jonathan, just seen you in the Mail on Sunday, you are such an inspiration . Your letter to Nicky Morgan is excellent, let’s hope it gets the government to make some changes!

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  8. Hey Jonathan. I’m a 40 year old Aussie. Your story has even reached our distant shores! I don’t wish to patronise you because I recognise you are an intelligent and dignified young man. But you are very inspiring and I am most impressed by your amazing maturity, so I had to leave a comment of support and gratitude. In particular, I am so impressed by your desire to help your friends who may not be getting the help they deserve. Even though you have so many challenges, you have taken the time to fight for others. That, young man, is the definition of honour. You should be very proud of yourself.

    I should add, as a professional writer, I really enjoy your poetry and your story about Jesus’ Garden – your writing is very heartfelt and genuine. I know it can take you a little time to write, but I urge you to share more whenever you have something new. I’ll continue to follow your blog with great interest.

    I wish you many years of successful writing yet to come 🙂

    PS – My nephew and I really enjoy building Lego too! We’re building a city at the moment so we’ll take a photo and send it through!

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  9. Hi Jonathan
    I read your story at the weekend and just saw you and your Mum on ITV news. What an inspiration you both are. Your writing is just brilliant and I thought your poetry was stunning. I shall be signing your petition and sharing your story to my friends and family on social media and hope they will do the same. Keep up the good work!!!

    Best wishes

    Charlotte Hughes

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  10. Just see you on the news at all I can say is what an amazing young person you are,and you’re mum 😊
    I have just signed the petition and shared on my Facebook as you are right EVERYONE should be entitled to an education regardless of disability.
    I had a son who was autistic and had chronic lung disease (unfortunately he is with the angels now) so I understand the need to fight in even when it feels like an uphill battle.
    God luck to you and wish you and your family all the best in the future. 👍

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  11. I hope the Lord makes you a King in the hereafter…

    “So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen”.

    Matthew 20:16

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  12. Absolutely wonderful and I genuinely like your poetry , I’m a musician and you’ve very much inspired me 🙂 a testiment in utter human spirit and strength xx a joyous breakthrough thank you for inspiring me Johnathon I want to see and hear more poetry your very gifted indeed

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  13. Hi Jonathan, we just saw you on our news in New Zealand. My family and I think you are truly amazing and very courageous. We will look forward to reading your blogs. Hi to your family from New Zealand also. McCoard family, Whakatane, New Zealand xxxxx

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    • It is not just those with locked in syndrome who are alive in bodies that appear inadequate for communication. Those with dementia in care homes, where only their bodily needs are met, can also be ignored as personalities


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