22 thoughts on “My hope for the future

  1. Jonathan Bryan is another example of what courage and determination can achieve. We must, somehow, find a way to explore and, hopefully, eradicate this condition. Well done, Jonathan. I salute you.


  2. Hello Jonathan. I’ve just signed your petition and shared as it’s so important! I was very moved after seeing your story on Points West this evening. What you’re doing to help others is fantastic… and I love your poems. Christine x

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  3. Hi Jonathan,

    I’m a 40 year old father of 2 young daughters from Bath. I read about you today in The Times. Your story filled me with huge joy and I wanted to thank you for brightening my day. Keep up the great work.



  4. I’ve just read about you online Jonathan, and signed your petition. I really hope Nicky Morgan takes action on this very important issue. Keep blogging and campaigning. The worlds a strange place at the moment but with young people like you in it who stand up and fight for what you believe in, things will get better. Thank you.

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  5. Hi Jonathan,
    Hope you are well! I read your incredible story online and I’m truly excited for you and your unlocked life.

    I have been a carer for 7 years now, caring for lots of people from all walks of life who have a range of disabilities from cerebral palsy to quadriplegia and learning disabilities. Every person I care for, I assume they have capacity and intelligence and treat them accordingly; although many like you yourself once was, are unable to communicate that this is the case. I feel great joy and satisfaction when finding ways to both educate and stimulate them. Reading your story gives me hope that perhaps somewhere inside I’m reaching somebody waiting to be unlocked and giving them hope for their future.

    Keep up the excellent work; your story could be a game changer for the way people with disabilities are seen by society.

    Lots of love!


  6. Hi Jonathan. Today I read an article in the Mail on Sunday all about you! It opened my eyes to something never knew and it was an easy decision to sign the petition. I hope the article will raise awareness and more will sign.
    I look forward to watching you change the world……..😀


  7. Hi Jonathan, I read about you in The Daily Mail and then came to read your blog. You are a true inspiration. I’ve signed your petition as the thought of other children not being taught to communication makes my heart sad. Have a great Sunday, love from Cass and Beatrice the cat xx


  8. Jonathan

    Read about you on a website called Aangirfan. Commented there. Here to say, you made a lot of people smile today. And think about their lives. And yours of course. Terrific poems and posts. Must visit this website once in a while. Shine me up for living. Please keep this ‘eye talk’ coming, best you can.

    I should do something with ‘Song of Silence’. Not a singer but I can find a font and add colour. Will send you. Thanks again. Jesus loves us all so much. And you help us see this. Take care. Pray lots.



  9. Dear Jonathan, I have just watch you and your mum on ‘5 news’ and would like to send you my best wishes. I have signed and shared your petition and wish you all the best. In these times when quitting seems to be contagious, your story of perseverance is very uplifting. Thank you for your blog.


  10. I am unable to find your petition, I would dearly like to sign it as I feel you are truly inspirational, there are many people out there that think to much about themselves and not enough about others.

    Its time it changed.


  11. Hi,
    I read and signed and shared your petition. You are such an inspiration to other children, and your poetry is absolutely beautiful. I hope what your mum did with you will become the norm for all children with access to learning difficulties. Good luck x


  12. Jonathan – It was very inspiring to hear your story. I recently helped to produce a documentary that may be of interest to you (link below) for Japan’s national broadcaster NHK. It focuses on the work of Kentaro Yoshifuji, an engineer who has developed a digital version of the board you use to communicate with the world, which is used in conjunction with an avatar robot to convert the language users input into digital speech (this technology features in the final third of the show, after the 18-minute mark). I wonder if this could be a useful tool in helping you continue your remarkable journey.


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