Paper, Press and Profile!

Finding myself on the front page of not one but two newspapers was amazing!  Enjoying media interest is one thing but changing the system for children like me is my purpose.

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Capture of newspaper

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard – Thursday 16th June 2016

Gazette & Herald




5 thoughts on “Paper, Press and Profile!

  1. And now you made it into the Mirror:

    Well done.

    I hope that your story makes it to a university research team in the field of information technology, specifically in the use of eye tracking and human computer interaction. I can see potential for a system to be developed where you can look at a screen with the spelling boards on it and and eye tracker can automatically write out your posts for you.

    Best of luck.


  2. ”Men wander the earth marvelling at the mountains, the canyons and the great waves of the sea; but rarely stop to consider themselves” – St Augustine


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