500 Words

I am disappointed that my story for the BBC Radio 2 500 Words story writing competition failed to make the long list. However, this means my story can now be shared with you. It is based on my time in Jesus’ garden, Noah is my friend who died when I was living in Lechlade.
You can read my story here.

12 thoughts on “500 Words

  1. Your story is beautiful, you should be very proud of it. I enjoyed reading it and know you must have worked very hard to write it. I work with children who use their eyes to communicate so appreciate just what this involves. Keep writing and good luck with your blog.


  2. Hi Jonathon! I was so inspired after a friend sent me your story in the Daily Mail. I am going to use your education story to teach other teachers in my school in Sydney Australia. I have a blog too, with my mum, which chronicles our prayer group experiences. I am a Crusade Prayer Warrior. You already know this but you can always communicate with Our Lord when the spelling board isn’t around! The world needs constant intercession for so many needs. He hears your prayers without a word being said and speaks to you too (interiorly). Happy learning brother in Jesus!


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